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                İ | English
                Beijing Hendan Power Equipment Co., Ltd. Website launched     UPS Communicati Electricity Vehicle Renewable Customize
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                  Uninterrupted Power Supply
                  Communication Inverter
                  Electricity Inverter
                  Vehicle Power Equipment
                  Renewable Energy Equipment
                  2006 Malone station built in Y
                  2007 built Golok knowledge bas
                  2007 built Qinghai-Tibet line
                  2007 new construction in Ningx
                  107 State Road, Xuchang sectio
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                        Hendan Power Equipment Company is a well-know power equipment & system provider in north China, since 1993. Hendan is also known as one of the earliest UPS providers ...           HENDAN provides prefessional pre-sales services, to help our customers with equipment selection, site installation, equipment capacity and etc. We also provide training .  
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                TEL:          +86 10 6245 1141
                                  +86 10 6245 1119
                FAX:         +86 10 6245 1121
                Email:       hd.sales@hendan.com.
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